Jewellery Shopping Parties

Do you feel like gathering your favourite people for a stylish evening in the comfort of your own home?

Then why not be the host of a jewellery shopping party with HMJ!

You and your guests can relax and peruse the jewellery pieces and gifts which are available to purchase in a fun, friendly atmosphere. 

As the host of the party, you shall receive a free piece of handmade jewellery and exclusive discounts - PLUS a free bottle of prosecco (18+ only) or a branded canvas bag from High Maintenance Jewellery!

HMJ can also take orders from yourself and guests, and advise on any bespoke pieces.

Hosting your own jewellery party gathers people together for a great day or night to socialise - whether it be in your own home, your local bar, leisure centre, the office, or community centre.

High Maintenance Jewellery Parties are ideal for; Birthdays, Pre-Proms, Hen Nights, Christmas Gatherings, Mums-to-be Treats, or just an excuse to meet with your friends!

Book a Jewellery Shopping Party with us today by completing the form at the bottom of this page.