What’s in a Name?

What’s in a Name?


Every so often I’m asked “why did you choose the name High Maintenance Jewellery for your business?”

And I reply,

“to me the words high maintenance stand for assertion, strength, confidence, authenticity and knowing your worth. And here at High Maintenance Jewellery, that is what we are all about”.

Each of our handmade jewellery pieces are designed and created to guide you, to bring that feeling of confidence and empowerment. We want to help bring to you your own style of High Maintenance.

Alongside our jewellery collections, a large sector within HMJ are our innovative workshops. Igniting your passion for creativity, in an encouraging and supportive environment. We take you on a colourful and personal journey, where you can comfortably build your inner confidence.

Above all, High Maintenance Jewellery signifies you, me and our self-worth.

Let’s celebrate our meaning, our name.

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