Let’s Talk Workwear….

Let’s Talk Workwear….


Let’s talk workwear.

In fact, let’s talk on adding a hint of sparkle to your workwear!

In 2020 many of us had to work from home.
The working from home has since surprisingly continued within quite a large portion of roles, which has got us so used to wearing our most comfortable clothes - it makes sense to be comfy.

But regardless of where you work is based, why not add a hint of glam through your jewellery?

Earrings can be such a confidence boost.
They stay practical, out of the way, and pretty much work with every hairstyle.
They can also subtly dress up your work outfit and lift your mood!

I aim to wear at least one piece of jewellery on each of my working days (I’m fortunate that it kind of comes with my job!), but I must admit my go-to piece is 95% of the time is a pair of statement earrings.
They stay out of my way, whilst still looking awesome! Making them perfect for my zoom meetings, client consultations, and boosting my creative flow.
(Plus, they always make me smile!)

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