Let’s Talk Layering

Let’s Talk Layering


Layering your jewellery can be pretty daunting, especially when layering necklaces - but with these few tips, all should work well for you!

Here goes…

• your shortest necklace is your foundation, it’s often good to start with a choker length chain approximately 14” - 16”

• if the first necklace is adorning a pendant, your second necklace must sit below the pendant above. Or for a more dramatic look, go extra extra long!

• if you’re layering three chains, you want the middle necklace to blend. The attention should be drawn to the top necklace and the bottom necklace.

• if you choose to go for just one pendant necklace from the three necklaces, make sure it’s the bottom necklace.

• add in just a hint of colour - this will make the stone/pendant look expensive if there is just one to focus on.

And remember…

• when wearing formal wear, keep layers dainty and simple.

• for a lounge wear look, pull together chunky curb chains.

• make a bold statement by adding in contrasting styles.

• and as with all High Maintenance Jewellery, remember, your look is unique - have fun with it!

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