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Worry Crystals Jar

Worry Crystals Jar

  • Handmade in the UK
  • Limited Edition
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Welcome to our jar of calmness - the worry crystals jar from High Maintenance Jewellery.

We’re a big believer in the positive and healing energy that specific crystals can bring, and so we thoroughly enjoyed designing, researching, and then creating these beautiful pocket size worry crystal jars.

The gorgeous glass bottle jars measure approximately 4.5cm in length, and are attached by wirework to a leather bound cord.
Enclosed are a specifically selected crystals to help ease your worries and anxiety.

The crystals include; tigers eye, citrine, amethyst, green fluorite, and rose quartz.

Carry some positive and healing energy with you wherever you go! 

Includes a quality card stating more information on your worry crystals (as featured in our photos). 

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