Crystal Stone Cord Bracelets

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We are so excited to introduce to you the new HMJ Crystal Cord Bracelets!

These bohemian jewellery pieces have been designed with one eye on creativity, the other on affordability.

By wearing the lightweight bracelet, your chosen crystal helps to bring to you the energy that you need.

Focussing on happiness, friendship, stress and worry, let the correct crystal work for you.

Created on a waxed cord (measuring approximately 30cm in length), you tie the cord comfortably around your wrist and then cut to size. The crystal stone is delicately and securely fastened to a silver head pin. 

Choose from the menu which colour cord (white or black) and then choose the crystal stone that you require, and then just add to your shopping basket!

White Howlite: this is your worry crystal, which eases anxiety, reduces stress, and aids in good sleep.

Citrine: this is happiness your crystal, bringing confidence, positive energy and success.

Rose Quartz: this is your friendship crystal, which brings love, calmness and increases self esteem.

Unakite: this is your stress relief crystal, which helps to eliminate bad habits, reduces stress, and aids in recovery from illness. 

A perfect jewellery gift, or a little treat for yourself.

Presented on our branded quality keepsake card.

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