High Maintenance Black Velvet Carryall

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The ‘High Maintenance Carryall’

I’ve realised that I seem to always have so many things to carry around with me in my everyday life!
Whether it be work, family days out, travelling, meetings, running errands, having ‘me’ time, or a night out with the girls - I’m always on the go!

I know that many of my family and close friends also seem to have this issue of ‘carrying everything’ they needed and items becoming lost, or they’d be rummaging through a large handbag just to find one or two essentials.

We needed this problem fixed….
And so the High Maintenance Carryall was created;
“A stunning velvet essential for one’s possessions on the go!”
You can complete each day, wherever you are and whatever you do, whilst using your High Maintenance carryall!

After recent research, we found just some of the ways in which our clients use their HM carryall:
Jewellery (not surprisingly!)
Baby Necessities
Every Day Needs
Night Out Basics

Created with indulgent black velvet, a sturdy gold zip, an exceptionally soft pom-pom, and rose gold script, this beautiful essential carryall measures approximately 25cm x 17cm.

Presented gift wrapped.

An ideal luxurious gift!

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